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Why having a coin purse can make you rich

A few weeks ago, my wife and I went out with my mom to the mall to help her buy a helmet she can use when driving her motorbike.  Yes, my mom drives a motorbike!  Cool mom, huh?  Well, it’s more like a scooter so it’s perfectly safe.  Anyway, while … Read more

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Money and the Philippine Elections

It’s only a few days before the first-ever Philippine automated elections.  Every time I turn the TV on, all I see are the campaign ads from the different candidates.  It’s becoming irritating to watch these ads over and over again.  It has come to a point where I would change … Read more

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Rich Money Habits Carnival – Frugality and Success

Welcome to the second edition of the Rich Money Habits Carnival! In this edition we will highlight the top 5 frugality and success articles out of the tons of money stories we’ve received during the month of February.  May these articles inspire you to live a wealthy and successful life.  … Read more

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Building Rich Money Habits 101: My personal finance story

I have always thought there’s only one formula in making money.  That is work hard and at the end of each month, you get your paycheck.  Growing up in a family of farmers, I have seen what working hard really means.  I’ve experienced waking up early in the morning, go … Read more

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