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Hey there!

Thanks for visiting Rich Money Habits by  My blog got hacked a few days ago and my old hosting account was cancelled as a result…I thought this will also be a good time to overhaul the whole Rich Money Habits blog so please be patient if the rebuilding takes quite a bit of time.

Anyway, I hope to have the site up and running as soon as possible so you can enjoy the helpful money tips and articles once again.  While waiting, I encourage you to consider signing-up to my newsletter by filling-up the form below and receive the 8 ways to shift your money habits and be rich email series.  It’s totally FREE!

God bless you!


Allan Inocente


    1. Hi kuya Jay! thanks for the words of encouragement! My old hosting provider said they found hack scripts on my account. I don’t know how it got there but in the end they said they had to cancel my account. The thing was I didn’t even know my account was cancelled until I saw my site being down and tried logging in to my hosting account. I didn’t even receive any email from them informing me that my account was cancelled. I guess you really get what you pay for…I do have some old backups but some articles I may have to manually copy from my offline editor. Oh well, that’s just how it goes. Now, I am more thankful I can at least rebuild the site back up. 🙂

  1. Hi Sir Allan, hope maayos na rin po ang site ninyo. And “grrrr!” for the hackers! =D

    1. Thanks for the support Lyn-lyn! No worries. This could be a blessing in disquise, since I can now redesign the blog from the ground up. I managed to upload most of the articles now but I am still working on the design, pictures and other things. The site should be operational in no time. I’m actually having fun rebuilding the site again! It feels good bursting with a lot of ideas and seeing them happen. Cheers! =)

  2. Aww. Some people are just a bunch of trouble makers. Well, good things comes from bad happenings, as they say. 🙂 Its a good thing you got back ups. I don’t. hehehe. Looking forward to the new design. I’m a sucker for web designs.

  3. Glad you’re back Allan! When you’re being hacked, it only means one thing – you are famous na! hehe Diba artista lang naman naha-hack? Loko lang, ang maganda dyan ay bumalik ka na at nerevamp mo pa ang site mo. Looking forward sa mga bago mong mga updates 🙂

    1. Thanks Jonha for dropping by! I appreciate it. I’ve been really busy lately with some of my other ventures, but I’ll definitely post some updates soon! Thanks again! 🙂

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