When You Hate Your Job, But You Can’t Afford To Quit

Here’s a great article by Fitz Villafuerte from Ready To Be Rich on the 5 things you can do when you hate your job, but you can’t afford to quit. The article reminded me of how I personally felt when I was contemplating the same things not too long ago. Being … Read more

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5 Simple Ways to Become a Better Leader

Sometimes, we travel to places only to find ourselves circling back home. Here’s a picture of me and my wife Anna while strolling along a busy street in Singapore. It reads, “Manila St”. We went all the way to Singapore to see “Manila St” (same name as the capital city of … Read more

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What excites you?

I just finished packing for our upcoming trip to Singapore, but I am so excited about this discovery I want to share it with you before I go on with my trip.  I’ve been to Singapore many times already. At least 4 times when I was still working in Malaysia, … Read more

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The One Thing You Need To Learn Before You Start Your Own Business

I realized after 5 years of helping people transition from employment to business, there is ONE THING every aspiring entrepreneur needs to learn first before considering starting his or her own business. A lot of times, people think that having money or capital is the most important thing you need … Read more

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Top 3 Books You Need To Read Before Quitting Your Job and Starting Your Own Business

Last week, one of my teammates asked me what are the top 3 books that has helped me in my business. Having read hundreds of books over the years, this was a tough question to answer. After some thought, I finally trimmed down my selection to just 3 (plus 1 … Read more

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10 Reasons Why You Should Never Get a Job

The other day, I was talking with a former colleague about her work in our previous company. Having resigned from work 4 and a half years ago, I was trying hard to relate with her about office politics, stress and loss of freedom on how you spend your time. After … Read more

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The Secret To Growth: Attending Events That Stretches Your Mind

This week, I’ve had the great opportunity to participate and attend events after events, everyday for the last 4 days. It’s been overwhelming to say the least. There are so many things to be thankful for. I can hardly wait to share them all with you. The first event was … Read more

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Featured Success Story: Charles and Glaiza Villaflor

Today, I will be featuring the story of a young ambitious and hard working couple. Meet Charles and Glaiza Villaflor. I met this couple more than a year ago through their friend and personal business mentors RJ and Jacq De Lara. Charles is a former Chef from Australia, while Glaiza … Read more

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Why You Need a Mentor

Recently, my mentor suggested that I become more active writing in this blog again. That’s when I realized, I’ve been putting off writing for so long…Once upon a time, I used to enjoy writing, sharing stories through this blog. However, due to so many reasons, some I don’t even know … Read more

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Featured Success Story: Lojen and Val Pascual Former OFWs turned Entrepreneur

This is the 3rd part of the series featuring success stories in my blog.  If you want to read the first 2 articles in the series, you can click the links below. Will and Chelle Abriza: IT consultant and Housewife turned Entrepreneurs RJ and Jacq De Lara: Engineer and Accountant … Read more

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