How potato chips are made?

Just this morning, my wife and I were watching a TV show about how potato chips are made (or cooked).  Did you know that potatoes actually have sugar content?  And it is 80% water?  According to the show, the sugar content, when heated gives the potato the crispness that we … Read more

Craving for chicken adobo and pork barbecue

The thing I miss most while being away from the Philippines is the delicious, though not always healthy, delicacies.  As I was browsing through my Christmas photos, I saw these two yummy pictures of pork barbecue and chicken adobo. Pork Barbecue Last Christmas, my dad prepared the pork barbecue with … Read more

Trip to Ilocos – welcoming arches, amazing bridges, and refreshing sceneries

About two years ago, me and my fiancee (now my wife) went to my hometown – Ilocos.  Instead of taking the usual bus trip at night, we decided to drive the whole stretch of Manila to Ilocos during the day.  We wanted to explore and do some sight-seeing while taking … Read more

Goals for the year 2009

First day of the year 2009. I was on a plane going back from my home town in the Philippines to my work in Malaysia.  It was an interesting flight for me for two reasons: 1) It’s New Year! and 2) I didn’t need to go to work the next … Read more

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all! It’s been a long time since I wrote on this blog.  Almost a year has passed.  So many things have happened. New year. New perspective.  New beginning. This year I’d like to focus on three things: 1) my own financial education, 2) my new photography … Read more