Lojen and Val Pascual

Lojen is a hardworking husband and father to Val and their son, XP. An instrumentation and control Engineer by profession, he has already experienced the pains of working abroad and not being there on those special moments in their family. He really believes that the right opportunity exists here in the Philippines and people don’t need to go other places just to have it. He is also invests in the stock market as well as on real estate.

Being an engineer, at first, he was not really into doing the business since the office is far from the field he is currently assigned to. The people he talked to also weren’t really sold in the idea he was introducing them that they can get rich just by doing the business. He even experienced being laughed at, even to the extent of being ridiculed, because of what he’s doing. Challenges arose to test his commitment. But he persevered and just continued on, not minding what others might say. His deepest reason lies on his family; his wife and son, the capability to give them the best things life could offer. He also would like to reunite his family since they are scattered in different parts of the globe. Well respected, successful and influential, Lojen and Val have become the stalwarts and beacons of the team, guiding the team to its success.

Lojen and Val are earning $600/week part-time on their business.