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Increase Your Financial IQ Book Review – Part 2: Protecting Your Money

Today, you will learn Financial IQ #2 – Protecting Your Money.  This article is part 2 of Rich Money Habits’ review on Robert Kiyosaki’s book Increase Your Financial IQ: Get Smarter with Your Money.  To read part 1 of the book review, you can checkout Increase Your Financial IQ Book … Read more

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Why is finance charge so confusing?

Last week, I read a story from a personal finance blog, about a first hand experience of credit card’s two-cycle billing. This was followed by an update on the post a few days later to clarify what really happened after he got a call and explanation from the credit card … Read more

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5 tips on how to protect yourself from credit card debt

A few years ago, I got into credit card debt.  I can still remember the frustration I went through, barely being able to pay the minimum amount due for my credit card.  Giving away a chunk of my paycheck every month to pay my credit card debt but could not … Read more

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3 tips on how to track cash expenses effectively

For the past couple of months, I’ve been trying to track my expenses.  But my problem is, I haven’t found a nice way to track cash.  Yes, I use cash.  In this part of the world, cash is still king.  I remember when I was assigned to the US for … Read more

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