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Baby Steps to Financial Riches Part 5 – The Opportunity That Changed My Life

Last weekend, I had a chance to facilitate a cashflow game with my friends in Think Rich Pinoy. It’s always amazing to meet new people who are open-minded about the opportunities around them, be it in real-estate, stocks or business.  While speaking with one of the participants, I was reminded … Read more

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The Greatest Miracle in the World

It’s been a really long, long time since I last posted an article in this blog. There’s been a lot of great things happening in my life that I haven’t really found the time to write all about it.  One thing I realized is that when you’re having the time … Read more

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The Hidden Cost of Having a Job

Just recently I received news that some of my friends were being let go by their company simply because the business could not support the cost of doing some of its projects anymore.  Nothing personal, it’s simply a fact of doing business that sometimes people have to be let go. … Read more

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How to Kick-Start Your Year with a Bang

Time flies so fast. Especially when you’re enjoying what you do.  A year ago, I was counting the hours at the office, eager to leave work and do my own thing.  Now, I hardly have time to count because I’m having the time of my life in what I do.  … Read more

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Your best blessings are on their way…

I feel blessed.  I’ve always felt very lucky, as if the great stars have all aligned when I was born.  Perhaps it’s really true.  God plays favorites. That’s why He made me. 🙂 Don’t worry, you are his favorite too.  🙂 Whether you agree to it or not, it really … Read more

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